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Welcome to CONFED

Its our job to get you there!



IELTSWith IELTS becoming almost a necessity for the UK universities, CONFED provides you with an opportunity to equip yourself with all the essential skills required to tackle this exam by offering IELTS coaching classes. If you are one of those students who is nervous about taking IELTS, avail our coaching classes and decode IELTS to one of the simplest tests around. Apart from the coaching classes, we also register students for IELTS. So pay us a visit, register yourself for the test and equip yourself with the tips and techniques required to succeed in IELTS.

Valuable Career Advice

If you are facing difficulties in going abroad for education, if you are confused about whether you should go for foreign education, or if it is a matter of when to go for foreign education, CONFED will give you sincere advice which will be in your best interest. So many times it has happened that we have advised a student about taking a certain course in a local institute before going abroad, and so many times, we have advised students not to take admission in a local institute and go abroad for higher education. In both the cases, our advice bore fruit and the end result was success and total satisfaction for the student. So if confused about your academic career and if you want to know where you stand in the international market, pay us a visit and get valuable advice… free of cost! 

Professional Counseling

Education UK AdviceWhen it comes to pursuing your studies abroad, you need adequate information on every factor that potentially affects your career. Keeping this in mind, CONFED provides ample information covering all the details that comes under consideration. May it be selecting the most suitable institute for you, exploring the financial options that you have at hand or supporting you not only in admission process but also aligning it with your future ambitions. At CONFED, you are not a general client but a unique talent that needs to be unfold and that’s what we will help you with.

Help Desk

CONFED Help DeskCONFED Help Desks are our remote offices that provide free career counselling, on spot admissions, professional education counselling and student registration in Education Expos, Schools, Colleges and Universities. Contact us to invite CONFED to your campus for a free counselling session.