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CONFED School for Professional Studies


CONFED School for Professional studies was launched in the spring of 2008 by a group of young educationists looking for introducing a new qualification in the education market of Pakistan. An exciting course which has a long history of success in developed countries, by the name of Higher National Diploma (HND), was therefore launched by CSPS in Pakistan. Higher National Diploma is a BTEC Qualification offered by Edexcel board, one of the largest UK awarding bodies. It started at a steady pace and with ever growing awareness this qualification cemented its foundations in the educational market worldwide. Through HND, not only will the students be able to experience practical coursework but also get an opportunity to go to a UK university in the final year to complete their degree. HEC has given HND the equivalency of two years of Bachelors degree which itself speak volumes of its importance and quality. 


CSPS has boldly met every challenge it has faced while attempting to be the first and foremost private institute to offer the HND. From obtaining approvals from HEC and HERA, to leading the way in providing state of the art resources to all the students, CSPS has met all the academic standards and requirements set by Edexcel.

The teaching staff at CSPS makes a conscious effort to facilitate students in terms of providing them with in-depth knowledge and its application in their relevant subject areas. The teacher’s competencies are not limited just to the subject areas; they also act as a parental system, providing strong guidance and support to their students. 

The Director Academics, a Full Bright Scholar, is passionate about upholding the mission and vision of the CSPS and is always striving to raise the bar of the performance standards as a routine activity.

Students of the CSPS are continuously encouraged to nurture and utilize their creative skills, whether they take the form of ideas for projects and assignments or thinking up ways to organize co and extracurricular activities. Everything these students do enables them to polish and develop their critical thinking skills, and to further enhance their knowledge of professional behavior.


We at CSPS continuously strive for excellence and perfection.  Our promise to our students and parents is of an everlasting partnership in meeting all possible academic standards.



  • First private institute to offer HND
  • Among the first institutes to successfully send students abroad
  • First to send students on Mass Communication and Business course
  • Excellent teaching and student support
  • Most experienced faculty
  • Easily accessible location
  • State of the art facilities
  • Highest rating by Edexcel in private institutions