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CONFED School for Professional Studies

Director's Message

Dear Readers,


Welcome to CONFED School for Professional Studies (CSPS). CSPS is an endeavour to provide quality education with focus on every student. Starting from 2008, the institute has improved the intake as well as the quality of grading to meet the Edexcel standards. 

Our focus is to equip students with the analytical as well as the managerial skills needed for them to meet the requirements of their future employers. Students are exposed to real case studies and projects, in all the subjects offered, and less stress is laid on class based tests. 

CSPS provides a high quality environment to the students with well equipped library facilities and fast internet access. All the classes are equipped with multimedia and internet connectivity.

HND has strict quality assurance procedures which are unique by any standards as compared to the other institutes.  Edexcel UK keeps a constant check on student’s development and progression. All the course content is developed by Edexcel, UK and is updated to address the contemporary needs.  

For us the education market is constantly emerging and developing, we see a greater opportunity for students to get a hands-on experience and understanding of various business concepts. We keep the optimism that HND and its approach will become a major pathway for business education in the future.


Sajid Faheem

Director Academics
CONFED School for Professional Studies