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Welcome to CONFED

Its our job to get you there!

About us

When you are planning to reach out for an international level of academic excellence you don’t simply need a recruitment agent. What you need is a professional career advisory service – somebody who has a much wider vision that covers academic, social, financial and personal aspects of the situation besides having the ability to remove possible obstacles and process your application faster. This is what CONFED promises.

Our four offices in Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi have exceptionally competent and caring staff that provides valuable services ranging from expert counseling to establishing a prompt communication channel between you and your chosen overseas institution. Additionally, we provide excellent assistance in obtaining student or immigrant visas.

A staggering visa success rate of 99% guarantees our dedication and hard work. We continue to put extensive effort to make CONFED a symbol for hope, care and success and that’s exactly what most of our clients find here.

Deliverance of simplified information
CONFED does not baffle students with over-complicated (and mostly useless) matter like most of the recruitment businesses do. We carefully analyze the key factors and simplify all deliverable information. Our focus is always on the end result, while keeping an eye on all the obstacles. This honest approach saves a lot of valuable time and the client does not lose the ownership of the matter.

Simplicity is the natural result of profound thought – Anonymous

Assessment of aptitude and a valuable career advice
Our counselors are British Council trained and carry extensive knowledge of many international education systems. They are experienced in evaluation students and suggesting best possible solutions according to individual approach. A counselor at CONFED would never treat you like a ‘generalized’ case, Instead he/she would try to dig deeper to get what you want and what is more appropriate for you to have.

In most cases this mature approach to self awareness opens up doors to a successful academic as well as professional careers.

The CONFED team keeps itself up to date on every single move made in the field of overseas education and visa rules. 

Exploring your financial competence
Overseas education is an expensive option. It is better to evaluate your financial competence at the beginning and have an honest and clearer forecast of your expenditure. This saves you valuable time and helps you decide more practically on how to approach it.

A CONFED counselor’s expert understanding of the financial requirements can play a crucial role when it comes to choosing an institution and preparing visa applications. This is supported by an excellent information system that tracks minor changes in the financial scenario. 

They also keep an eye on international market trends and laws related to student employment in various countries. They can provide valuable information on where and how to find work to partially support the financial aspect of your education.

An excellent knowledge of financial requirements and accurate calculations lead to the best possible solution matching your budget.

Looking at the challenges ahead
Very few student recruitment agents would care for anything ahead of academic admissions. CONFED makes a difference here, too. From the very first stage of starting a discussion our experienced staff starts analyzing your goals, your expectations, and the challenges ahead of you. Together with our insight of the rising market trends, the rise and fall o of the economy and your ability to wrestle with the obstacles it draws a somewhat close picture of what is coming your  way and how should you prepare for it.

In addition to excellent career advice you get the following benefits at CONFED.

A broader choice of institutions
CONFED has many top class institutions on its International Universities List that would match different budgets so choosing the right institute is just a snap of fingers.


A much quicker yet accurate service
CONFED’s UCAS service speaks for itself. Our on-line process saves time and brings results quickly Add to it our staff’s expert form filling ability and virtually you don’t have to do much but sit and watch!

We have steady electronic channels for fastest information exchange with the universities across the globe. For manual correspondence we use nothing less than a reliable international courier. Our staff’s active follow-up ensures that each document hits the target accurately and on time.

More chances of success
With CONFED by your side you should never be afraid of losing the game! The number of clients we have served to the magnitude of satisfaction they received speaks volume of our dedication and commitment. Join hands with CONFED and choose the road that leads straight through the doors of success.


Najiullah Khattak is the MD of CONFED and the cofounder of CONFED School for Professional Studies. He also serves as an adviser on media to the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.