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Find out what's happening with Team CONFED.
Whether its Education abroad, must-visit-places in the United Kingdom or our favourite Android apps, you will find it all here.

Welcome to our New Website

We at CONFED are excited to announce the launch of our new website. This blog post will walk you through some of the features of our new web portal. In the coming weeks, we will be updating the website and adding more pages to it. Some of the features of our new website are:

  • Design: We have updated the look & feel of our new website. Let us know what do you think.
  • Social: Our new website is now more social with the integration of social plugins such as Facebook Comments, Likes, and Share buttons. With an exciting Facebook Open Graph applications in development, we are creating a true social experience for you online.
  • Personal: With CONFED Blog & CONFED Success, our website is now all about YOU. Stay tuned for real life inspiring stories of our students in our Success section. We are also taking guest posts for our Blog. If you want to write for CONFED, tell us in the comments below.
  • Useful: We have taken out everything that doesn't matter and included only the relevant information that you seek.
  • Universities: We have included detailed information about the Universities on our panel so you can see and compare them all in one place.
  • Cities: We will be including detailed guides on different Cities of the UK so you can familiarise yourself with your future destinations and choose the one the suites you best.

We are looking forward to hear from you. If you have any comments or suggestions, leave them in the comments below.